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eye mask

HK$1,880 / 30mL & 12 pairs

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, diminishes dark circles, brightens the complexion and prevents hyper-pigmentation

Awarded custom-blended eye mask harmonizes the concepts of “Selection” and “Formulation”. The two new collagen pads – outline and highlight take advantage of collagen and a targeted formulation, taking care of wrinkles and dark circles, two of the most common skincare ailments. Coupled with custom-blended eye expert essence that is formulated from a variety of custom-blended extracts, the most suitable collagen pad is chosen to address your specific needs. Synergistically, these comprehensively enhance the results of the treatment to achieve a highly adapted and personalized skincare solution.

custom-blended eye mask - mtm labo

custom-blended eye mask is the best tailor-made treatment for dark circles and wrinkles under eyes. The mask brightens the complexion and prevents hyper-pigmentation.

Significance of Using Quality Skin Care Products!

Your skin reflects how you treat yourself! The outermost layer of our skin is the primary defense against the environment and can be stripped of moisture and essential lipids if left unguarded. There are many harsh elements present in the environment that make our skin tough and dry. Aging, too, causes wrinkles and sagging. Good skin care slackens the damaging effect of the environment and aging.

A healthy skin care routine is only as good as the products used for your skin care. Using good quality products will build resiliency and give you flawlessly looking healthy skin. On the contrary, poor quality products are not just ineffective but also harmful to the skin. Here is why you should use quality skin care products:

1. Skin is an Important Part of Your Body

Your skin is a gauge of your overall health. A glowing and radiant complexion is the mirror of your inner health too. Keeping your skin nourished with good quality products is equally important as taking medicines from a good brand for fast recovery from sickness.

2. Quality Products Give you Healthy Skin

You must always check for certain standards and ingredients present in your skin care product. Look for natural extracts and ingredients and their level of purity. Skin care products that bear certifications and standards or a specific country should be used. You may find them to be on the costlier side, but that is because the ingredients used by the specific brand are pure and derived from trusted sources. At mtm labo, we follow a special protocol when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. The ingredients present in our range of custom-blended skin care products will yield extraordinary results for your skin.

3. Look Good, Feel Good

Healthy skin always glows and looks radiant. It attracts the attention of all who meet you. Having healthy skin also makes you happy from within. However, to have a perfect skin, you must also use good products that will give you promising results. Looking and feeling good also boosts your confidence.

4. Fights Signs of Aging

Dedicated skin care regime with the help of quality products can reduce the effects of aging. Age spots, discoloration, dry skin, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage can begin at the age of 30. You must ensure to provide your skin with moisture and nourishment to evade all these signs of aging.

5. Protects from Environmental Agitators

The environment we live in is full of harmful elements such as UVA and UVB rays, dust, chemicals, and several other polluters. Foreign substances can cause permanent damage to your skin if you don't use a protectant. Nourished skin acts as a natural barrier to these harmful agents and keeps your skin safe.

mtm labo Skin Care

For over three decades, we have crafted skin care products from some of the finest botanical extracts. We have unlocked the skin care benefits of several ingredients organically and responsibly sourced using pioneering extraction methods that uphold their potency and purity from plant to bottle. Our products are a result of decades of research, and our high potency natural extracts are concentrated in pure actives and will penetrate optimally into your skin.

Range of mtm labo Products:

Depending on your skin type and usage, we have categorized our products under the following collections:


Harmonious Collection

Re-White Formulas

Premium Collagen

Reishi Solution

You can select from a wide range of products which we have carefully created using exquisite formulations, focusing on solving the skin problems faced by you. From dark circle treatment creams to skin whitening formulas, mtm labo has an exquisite collection of skin care products. Our custom blended products make your skin smile!


custom-blended eye expert essence
- Prunus Domestica Extract
- Artichoke Leaf Extract
- Arnica Montana Flower Extract
- Panax Ginseng Root Extract

collagen pad highlight
- Alpha-Arbutin
- Licorice Root extract
- Collagen fibers
- Soluble Collagen Molecules
- Collagen Peptides

collagen pad outline
- Okra Extract
- collagen Fibers
- Soluble Collagen Molecules
- Collagen Peptides

Suitable for

All skin types

How to Use

After cleansing, take 2-3 pumps of the essence and spread evenly and generously across the skin area under your eyes, working from the outside in. Using dry hands, position each collagen pad and apply an additional 2-3 pumps of the essence on the collagen pads until completely saturated. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Gently remove them starting from the outside edge and pat the remaining essence to enhance absorption. Without rinsing, apply other mtm labo eye care products.

Personalize your formulation

First of all, please select the most suitable collagen pads to address your specific needs. Then, you may choose the most suitable extracts from your skin concerns to personalize your custom-blended eye expert essence for your custom-blended eye mask; or, if it is your first time to purchase our products, you are cordially invited to experience our one-on-one consultation at our stores to identify what your skin needs.

Reserve your skin consultation

Personalize your formulation

1/2 Please choose your collagen pads

Personalize your formulation

2/2 Our library of extracts are designed to enhance the efficacy of the product to achieve ideal results for you. You may choose the most suitable extracts to personalize your product from your skin concerns.

Extracts selection for product personalization

1/2 Please choose your most concerned skin conditions (choose up to 2)

Extracts selection for product personalization

2/2 Please choose the functions of extract that you want to add to your product (choose up to 2)

Personalize your formulation

Your exclusive extract and its efficacy

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