eye mask

HK$1,880.00 / 30mL /12 pairs


Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, diminishes dark circles , brightens the complexion and prevents hyper-pigmentation

Custom-blended eye mask harmonizes the concepts of “Selection” and ”Formulation”. The two new collagen pads – outline and highlight take advantage of collagen and a targeted formulation, taking care of wrinkles and dark circles, two of the most common skincare ailments. Coupled with custom-blended eye expert essence that is formulated from a variety of custom-blended extracts, the most suitable collagen pad is chosen to address your specific needs. Synergistically, these comprehensively enhance the results of the treatment to achieve a highly adapted and personalized skincare solution.


collagen pad outline
- Rich in okra extract
- collagen fibers
- soluble collagen molecules
- collagen peptides

collagen pad highlight
- alpha-arbutin
- licorice root extract
- collagen fibers
- soluble collagen molecules
- collagen peptides

custom-blended eye expert essence
- prunus domestica extract
- artichoke leaf extract
- arnica montana flower extract
- panax ginseng root extract

Suitable for

Suitable for all skin types

How to Use

After cleansing, take 2 -3 pumps of the essence and spread evenly and generously across the skin area under your eyes, working from the outside in. Using dry hands, position each collagen pad and apply an additional 2-3 pumps of the essence on the collagen pads until completely saturated. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Gently remove them starting from the outside edge and pat the remaining essence to enhance absorption. Without rinsing, apply other mtm labo eye care products.

Suggested custom-blended extracts

actiflow essence
Improves blood circulation, diminishes the formation of under eye bags and dark circles
angelica root extract
Stimulates blood circulation, and lightens skin tone

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