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Activate collagen and reshape firm contours

With the premium collagen ingredients – Tri-Marine Collagen, Type III Collagen MAX, Collagen Iron Triangle, it promotes restoration of dense collagen structure and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Resulting in plump and facial contour, stimulates cells regeneration and delays skin aging.

Youthful complexion by Tri-Marine Collagen

The revolutionary tri-marine collagen permeates each layer of the skin through 3D Intelligent Infusion Technology. Offering “Defense, Dimension and Depth” protections, cells from the dermis to epidermis are rejuvenated, achieving the standard of amazing skin. Offering special care to every part of your face, to create well-defined contours and blemish-free skin for the eyes, face and lips.

custom-blended 3D collamoist eye cream

custom-blended 3D collamoist eye cream HK$2,180 / 14g

Oxygenated complex stimulates blood and oxygen flow, restores vitality. It acts together with custom-blended extracts to yield brighter, more entrancing eyes.

custom-blended 3D collamoist cream

custom-blended 3D collamoist cream HK$3,380 / 29g

Formulated with tri-marine collagen that consists of 3 types of highly absorbent collagen molecules to restore miraculous skin, leaving your skin with a fuller, firmer and more youthful complexion.

3D collamoist lip treatment

3D collamoist lip treatment HK$300 / 12g

Repair the delicate lip area. It helps to effectively restore the lip’s rich and healthy colour, eliminates cracked, wrinkled, thinning and dark lips. Moist yet light, it helps to create defined, supple and flushed lips.

custom-blended Type III Collagen MAX

custom-blended collagen rebirth system

custom-blended collagen rebirth system HK$3,980 / 7mL x 4 sets

Enhanced up to 3 times the concentration of collagen, restoring skin to its new-born-like suppleness. Synthesizing hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronate, to offer up to 10 times the efficacy of regular collagen.

“Collagen Iron Triangle” brighten up your skin and boost your circulation

custom-blended collagen mask HK$1,980 / 163mL & 5pcs

The collagen face and neck mask coverts Type I and Type III collagen into the “collagen iron triangle”, which is beneficial for skin absorption; activated by the custom-blended onsen essence to create an optimal growth and perfusion environment for collagen.

3D collamoist series exclusive privilege

Enjoy 5% off upon purchase of any 2 pieces of 3D collamoist products¹

In-store exclusive privilege

Complimentary of custom-blended collagen rebirth system x 1 set upon purchase of any 1 box of custom-blended collagen rebirth system (worth HK$ 995)

Complimentary of custom-blended collagen rebirth system x 1 box upon purchase of any 3 boxes of custom-blended collagen rebirth system (worth HK$ 3,980)

3D collagen rejuvenation treatment

Incorporating light and radiofrequency energies in synergy, mtm labo 3D collagen rejuvenation face & neck treatment encourages collagen regeneration, tightens the skin and promotes elasticity, shaping the contours of face, neck and chin.

Enjoy a 30% discount on your first single treatment trial.

Terms & conditions

  • ¹ The privilege is available Online and In-store
  • ² HK$200 product credit voucher can be used for next [ custom-blended skincare ] fundamental products upon net purchase of HK$1,000, valid until 27 Feb, 2024
  • ³ Advance booking is required for all facial treatment, SPA service and medical aesthetic treatment, valid until 31 Jan 2024
  • ⁴ HK$1,200 [ custom-blended skincare ] product credit voucher includes three HK$400 [ custom-blended skincare ] credit voucher. Each transaction can redeem one HK$400 voucher. HK$1,200 [ custom-blended skincare ] credit voucher only reward at K11 MUSEA shop B101 and TIMES SQUARE shop B203A,valid until 27 Feb 2024
  • #  Designated spending privileges are not applicable to custom-blended collagen rebirth system and custom-blended collagen mask
  • The privileges are valid from now until 2 Jan, 2024
  • The privileges cannot be used in conjunction with other designated offers or discounts
  • custom-blended collagen mask is excluded from all privileges
  • Advance booking is required for all treatments
  • The privileges are limited, while stocks last
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • mtm labo reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes