collagen rebirth system

Anti-glycation, cell activation, deeply moisturizes, soothing and improves skin elasticity

The custom-blended type III collagen MAX is enhanced with up to 3 times the concentration of collagen. It feels silkier, more luxurious and is even more effective at restoring skin to its new-born-like suppleness. mtm labo pioneers and applies an advanced lyophilization technology to synthesize hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid and being vacuum-packed. This maximally preserves freshness and purity, allowing it to offer up to 10 times the efficacy of regular collagen.

Combining 5 custom-blended essences (brightening ume、rejuvenating konbu、moisturizing ceramide、soothing jabara, and regenerating delamyth), custom-blended collagen rebirth system addresses skincare problems even more comprehensively to effectively restore the skin’s natural, flawless quality.


custom-blended type III collagen MAX
Hydrolyzed collagen
Hyaluronic acid

custom-blended brightening ume
Extracted from plum - Ume that is native to Wakayama in Japan

custom-blended rejuvenating konbu
Hidaka konbu extract, found in Hidaka city in Japan

custom-blended moisturizing ceramide
Liposome multi-ceramide

custom-blended soothing jabara
Extracted from citrus jabara peel that is native to Wakayama in Japan

custom-blended regenerating delamyth
Extracted from the peel of the Japanese Delaware grape

Suitable for

Suitable for all skin types

How to Use

Take 1 bottle of custom-blended essence and pour it into 1 bottle of lyophilized custom-blended type III collagen MAX. Secure the white bottle cap and shake gently until contents are combined. After morning and evening cleansing routines, apply a suitable amount on the eyes, face and neck areas. Then, apply mtm labo products to maximize the firming and elasticity restoration effect. To achieve the highest efficacy, continually use each blended bottle for 7 consecutive days, day and night. 4 bottles for a 28-day treatment.

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