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Dear Myself: Tranquility, delight, and comfort with your genuine self

No matter what stage of life you are in, you can always be the best version of yourself.

Allow yourself to let go of the past, appreciate the present and anticipate the future. Discover and embrace your uniqueness by listening to your inner voice, so that every phase can be a delightful and memorable chapter in life.

mtm labo knows you and your skin. With [ custom-blended skincare ], we look after your various skincare needs in different moments, allow you to accept yourself at every stage of life and live out your unique beauty, unaffected by seasons or moods.

Put on your exclusive custom-blended eye mask now and feel a moment of your inner peace, rejuvenate your eyes, and appreciate yourself.

custom-blended eye mask

Awarded custom-blended eye mask harmonizes the concepts of “selection” and “formulation”. The two collagen pads – outline and highlight are freeze-dried by a patented process, take advantage of collagen and a targeted formulation, taking care of wrinkles and dark circles, two of the most common skincare ailments. Coupled with custom-blended eye expert essence that is formulated from a variety of custom-blended extracts, the most suitable collagen pad is chosen to address your specific needs. Synergistically, these comprehensively enhance the results of the treatment to achieve a highly adapted and personalized skincare solution.

Commitment to [ custom-blended skincare ] aesthetics

mtm labo designs a personalized skincare formulation combining with the most suitable botanical extracts to the custom-blended eye expert essence for targeted and effective repair; coupled with the collagen pad that chosen to address your specific needs, which enhances the effectiveness maximally and restores the skin’s natural beauty.

custom-blended eye mask

custom-blended eye mask HK$1,880 / 30mL & 12 pairs

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, diminishes dark circles, brightens the complexion and prevents hyper-pigmentation

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