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Beyond Extraordinary

custom-blended collagen collection delivers exceptional restorative efficiency, allowing you to reveal your true self.

The custom-blended collagen mask, the newest addition to the mtm labo premium collagen collection, is a high-purity collagen face and neck mask supplemented with custom-blended onsen essence and proprietary custom-blend botanical extract. It nurses your skin from the face to the neck, resulting in a high-efficiency [ custom-blended skincare ]  for collagen restoration. The portable mask awakens the skin’s “original” energy with luxury substances.

custom-blended collagen mask

collagen face and neck mask

Comprises high-purity collagen, with the principal ingredient being active collagen made of Type I and Type III collagen, which has exceptional skin compatibility, efficiently boosts cell metabolism, promotes collagen regeneration, and restores the skin. Cleverly designed to fit diverse facial shapes and neck curvatures, guaranteeing that every drop of collagen essence permeates every inch of your skin.

custom-blended onsen essence

Created of hot spring water from Shimane Prefecture, which have been honoured with the “Minister of the Environment Award: Skin Beauty Onsen”, abundant in hydrosulfate that moisturizes and lustres the skin. custom-blended onsen essence also efficiently suppresses the synthesis of destructive protease (Matrix Metalloproteinase, MMP), thickens the dermis, remodels and restores the dermal collagen and elastic fibres, as well as improves skin elasticity.

The collagen face and neck mask are freeze-dried by a patented process that preserves the activeness and functionality of collagen in perfect condition. After being activated by the custom-blended onsen essence, the active elements of the collagen face and neck mask will ultimately be released and restored to the skin, allowing collagen activity to be retained to the greatest extent possible.

Collagen: brighten up your skin and boost your circulation

Water is required for collagen to exist. When there is a lack of water, the fibroblasts that generate collagen age quickly and impair the skin’s flexibility. The collagen face and neck mask is activated by a custom-blended onsen essence and coverts Type I and Type III collagen into the “collagen iron triangle”, which is beneficial for skin absorption via “multiple collagen infusion technology”, thereby creating an optimal growth and perfusion environment for collagen. It restores the skin’s suppleness and shine by keeping collagen and moisture in balance.

“Collagen Iron Triangle”

Collagen peptides are absorbed directly into the dermis. Enter the skin’s bottom layer effectively, stimulating cell metabolism, and regenerating and repairing the skin.

Soluble collagen molecules acts as a reliable backup. Improve the skin’s moisture storage capacity and durability while also nourishing it.

Collagen fibres serve as a protective grid. Soothe the skin immediately and aid in the transmission of collagen and moisture to the skin.

Comprehensive and efficient: [ custom-blended skincare ] for collagen restoration

Selected for your skin, resulting in high-efficiency [ custom-blended skincare ] for collagen restoration. The [ custom-blended skincare ] offers a unique and original skin care solution based on individual characteristics, allowing you to unveil your genuine self. mtm labo understands your skin’s needs and problems through a one-on-one professional skin consultation, then selects suitable botanical extracts from our library of extracts and blends them into a custom-blended onsen essence that is exclusive for you to use with a collagen face and neck mask.

  • Strengthen skin fibrous tissue, improve skin elasticity.
  • Remove dry lines and fine lines on the face and neck.
  • Moisturize, smooth, and increase the gloss of the skin.
  • Boost cell metabolism, rejuvenate, and repair skin.
  • Increase moisture storage capacity for immediate calming effect.

Compliment your collagen regeneration journey

mtm labo knows you and your skin, the following items are recommended for you to further enhance the effectiveness of the custom-blended collagen mask.

custom-blended hydrating mask

custom-blended hydrating mask HK$1,070 / 61g

With its potent extracts and essences, this thirst-quenching mask saturates dry and dehydrated skin on contact. In addition, it prevents further moisture loss and diminishes the visible signs of age.

custom-blended moisture building essence

custom-blended moisture building essence HK$2,490 / 26mL

Effectively reinforce the barriers retaining skin moisture and resisting oxidation, while performing its 4power of moisture absorption, supply, storage and retention.

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