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TIME by mtm labo

custom-blended DDU rejuvenating treatment

1 hr 15 min
Rejuvenating skin and regenerating collagen

The DDU treatment is using a medical-grade Dual Dynamic Ultrasound technology which outputs two different frequencies of ultrasonic waves in multiple directions at the same time. Its regenerative repair energy can effectively achieve anti-inflammatory effect and reduce skin redness. It can also instantly increase the density of collagen for firming, consolidates the support ability of connective tissue to rebuild the collagen fibers, and reshape the contour; and the ultrasound energy will be converted into heat energy to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation, improves the speed of self-drainage and detoxification, and accelerates the metabolism. The treatment is customized with individual skin’s need. The most suitable [ custom-blended skincare ] essences and a variety of treatment tool are selected to enhance and reinforce the efficacy.

Clarity Brightening Treatment

45 min
A total and complete solution in for whitening and rejuvenating

Clarity Brightening Treatment that uses dual-pulsed laser to improve uneven pigmentation within each layer of skin. Its 532nm wavelength treatment eliminates freckles efficiently, whilst the 1064nm wavelength is effective at treating deep pigmentation issues and triggering collagen rejuvenation. This treatment transforms skin, giving it an exquisitely fine texture and a luminosity that glows from within.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment

1 hr 25 min
Enabling youthfulness: setting a new standard for glowing and contour sculpting

HIFU Total Solution, which is using a revolutionary highly focused ultrasound energy, is accurately directed at the precise tissue depth to reduce the painfulness. This effectively reduces chloasma (hormone) and redness caused by tiny blood vessels. It also enhances and stimulates the regeneration of collagen and restores the skin firmness. It enables your skin glow and shine which be the new standard for contour sculpting. 

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