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The organic [ custom-blended skincare ] I custom-blended harmonious collection

mtm labo knows you and your skin. Unveiling the authentic beauty of nature, mtm labo presents to you the custom-blended harmonious collection, naturally beneficial for the skin, relieving allergy symptoms, and strengthening immune system while offering ample moisture to the skin.

Pampered by nature’s finest organic ingredients

Acquired the world’s first 5-star ECOFIT organic certification from Japan, the collection is sourced from a variety of fine and rare organically grown plants in Japan.

Highlights of the 5-star ECOFIT certification standards

  • Contains more than 95% of organically grown plant-derived ingredients
  • All organic plant-based ingredients are cultivated on farmlands that are certified pesticides-free and chemical fertilizers-free for at least 3 years
  • No genetically modified materials, synthetic fragrance and coloring
  • Not tested on animals
  • No use of parabens

custom-blended harmonious collection

Infused with organic nutrients with self-healing properties, this collection is naturally beneficial for the skin, relieving allergy symptoms, and strengthening immune system while offering ample moisture to the skin, which featuring a full range of products encompassing cleanser, toner, moisturizer, essence and mask. Awaken your vulnerable skin with the delicate touch of an authentically organic remedy.

custom-blended harmonious cleanser HK$500 / 157mL

  • Gently yet effectively removes dirt
  • Retains moisture while cleansing
  • Inhibits atopic dermatitis and relieves itchiness

custom-blended harmonious toner HK$500 / 170mL

  • Retains moisture and pH balance of skin
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Builds a natural barrier and strengthens skin immunity

custom-blended harmonious essence HK$1,150 / 26mL

  • Regenerates collagen reproduction
  • Enhances skin’s self-healing ability
  • Rehydrates and nourishes skin

custom-blended harmonious moisturizer HK$790 / 32g

  • Retains and locks the moisture
  • Improves dermatitis-induced rough skin
  • Regenerates collagen reproduction
  • Improves skin’s elasticity and firmness

custom-blended harmonious mask HK$980 / 64g

  • Improves sallow and dullness skin due to glycation
  • Brightens up and evens skin tone
  • Anti-oxidation

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