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Embrace the fundamental of spring

The pulse of spring gently beats on the earth, and all living things eagerly await a fresh and wonderful start. We must not be afraid to accept our past mistakes, overcome all fears, and break out of our cocoons to regain confidence, gracefully dancing amidst the warmth and fragrance of spring.

mtm labo respects and cares about your skin, helps you to reclaim the basics through [ custom-blended skincare ] . When you embrace a new day, every touch upon your skin is like the nurturing touch of spring rain on the plants. Each gentle caress brings the most soothing healing to your skin.

fundamentals skincare routine

Step 1: cleanser

custom-blended milk cleanser HK$500 / 160mL

Cleansing, nourishing, removes make-up

Step 2: toner

custom-blended moisturizing toner HK$500 / 170mL

This vitamin-rich toner gently calms, hydrates and rebalances the skin, leaving it refreshingly soft and radiant

Step 3: essence

custom-blended moisture building essence HK$2,490 / 26mL

Deeply moisturizes, strengthens skin barrier, reduces fine lines, improves elasticity and luster

Step 4: eye cream

custom-blended nutriment eye cream HK$820 / 14g

Nourishing, reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, promotes cell renewal

Step 5: moisturizer

custom-blended conditioning cream HK$830 / 29g

Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, improves elasticity