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[ custom-blended skincare ] nourishment complex I custom-blended nutriment mask

mtm labo knows you and your skin. We proudly present to you our latest product – custom-blended nutriment mask. Consisting of precious nutriments that facilitate deep skin nourishment, the new formula custom-blended with personalized botanical extracts to revitalize your skin with authentic beauty.

Favors deep nourishment and repair to restore skin equilibrium

Enriched with nourishing, moisturizing and skin protective substances, the mask form a “water-oil-nutriment skincare cycle” that allows nutriments to penetrate deep through the skin and strengthen the cells, to resume the “water-oil-nutriment equilibrium” for combating skin fatigue.

Deep Nourishment

  • Evening primrose oil and biosaccharide gum-1 are effective in nourishing skin cells, improving complexion and skin elasticity
  • Forms an invisible protective layer over the skin and supports deep nourishment.

Moisture Retention

  • Sodium hyaluronate penetrates through the deeper skin layers for moisturization
  • Efficiently retains skin moisture and facilitates nutrient absorption

Skin Protection

  • Contains skin strengthening ingredients, as bisabolol, tea leaf extract and shea seedcake extract
  • Effectively prevents the skin from pollutants and gets rid of allergies
  • Enhances the shielding power of the skin