Facial Treatment

harmonious defense treatment

1 hr 30mins
mtm labo knows you and your skin. The treatment uses the custom-blended harmonious collection, an organic series awarded by Japan’s ECOFIT with the highest 5-star rating as the basis, includes a skin purifying 3-step ritual, which consists of ‘Purifying’, ‘Oxy-Boosting’, and ‘Defense’. Professional skin analysis is performed to personalize suitable formulas targeting the individual’s specific skin needs to strengthen your skin’s defensive barrier, protecting you from pollution, stress, and other external harms, in order to restore the original purity of your skin.

HIFU lifting face treatment

1 hr 10 mins
Path to rejuvenation – To create a bright triangle effect by using advanced HIFU technology and unique custom-blended extract formulation lifting massage therapy to regenerate collagen for face lifting.
custom-blended solutions formulated by extract for your skin— One person, One Formula.
Reformate and regenerate collagen by coagulation of high thermal ultrasound energy that extend the regeneration period of collagen with hydrating collagen mask.
The advanced “non –invasively” ultrasound technology delivers energy to the SMAS layer of the skin. The depth of penetration improves the support of skin muscle and the features of face lifting which reserve the aging process.

nutriment collagen treatment

1 hr 45 mins
Bring a surge of moisture and nourishment to the skin with this intensely reviving therapy. Perfect for dry and combination skin and overflowing with vitamins and the finest customized essences, this regenerating facial instantly smoothes, firms and moisturizes the skin for a radiantly gorgeous glow.

Q10+ collagen treatment

1 hr 45 mins
This potent treatment contains supreme anti-aging ingredients – Q10 and Caviar extract – infused with a thoroughly cleansing and nourishing massage. Therapy finishes with a Caviar Collagen Mask, rich in protein and vitamins, to repair visible signs of aging and to counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution. Your skin is left instantly firmed and free of pores, delivering truly luminous results.

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